Planning a bathroom

Wet Room In Acton

Mrs Shaw’s Wet Room Project

Wet rooms are fully waterproofed rooms that dispense with the need for a traditional shower tray in favour of an open space. Wet rooms make showering quicker and more practical for all age groups of people and all abilities.

In Mrs. Shaws bathroom, our designer took full advantage of every inch of space available. Using the wall hung vanity basin gives the impression that the room is bigger than it really is as you can see more floor space. We have used a larger than average shower head to create a spa-like feel to the room and making the shower itself a focal point. With wetrooms it is incredibly important to think about the drainage. It is important to create the correct gradient to allow the water to drain away quickly without pooling. We always place the controls in the best place so that the client does not need to reach underneath the spray of the shower when turning the unit on or off.

Choosing the correct tiles for a wetroom is an important consideration. It’s important not to opt for high glazed tiles on the floor to prevent them from being slippery. Instead, look for quality porcelain tiles with an anti-slip texture.
Another luxury is underfloor heating. Underfloor heating not only makes the whole room feel warmer, it also makes a difference to the feel of cold tiles underfoot. Also, it will dry out the wetroom floor after a shower and prevents water from sitting on the surface. You need to be careful which underfloor heating product you choose so that the tanking system is not compromised.

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