Planning a bathroom

Wet room in Chiswick

Mr Waslin’s Bathroom

We fitted this bathroom in 2005 and these photos were taken in 2013 showing the longevity of the wet rooms that we design and fit. Mr Waslin provided this testimonial some 8 years after we fitted the room:

“Our wet room was created by Soak, who displayed great skill, imagination and tenacity in executing the brief for its construction. Throughout he also displayed considerable flexibility, adapting the design to the site as ideas evolved. Consequently we now have a wet room that has seen constant usage and that has required no maintenance.”

This was a really interesting project for us. When we first visited Mr Waslin, there was a small ensuite shower room and a bedroom. Mr Waslin’s brief was to create one room by knocking through the wall between the small shower room and the bedroom. He then wanted us to design and fit a new wet room for him.

As well as being technically quite challenging, the project made full use of all our trades: builders, electricians, plumbers and tilers. Projects like this require project managing so that each trade knows exactly what to do and when to do it. Here at Soak Bathrooms, we love the challenge of complicated projects.

After taking all the measurements at the outset and carrying out planning, we decided that a substantially sized basin would suit the proportions of the room and balance it out without looking bulky. This is one of the feature areas of the wet room. The stone colour of the basin was matched with the tiles for a perfect colour combination. We then made a bespoke unit into which the basin sits with a convenient glass shelf below where towels can be stored. The unit was designed so that someone using the overhead shower simply has to reach down to get a towel without having to walk across the room to the dry area.

Above the basin, we designed and created a recessed mirror cabinet. This allowed the mirror to be flush with the wall so that it is pleasing on the eye but also creates the essential and practical storage that is needed in a wet room. We have found that most clients like to keep their showering areas free from clutter so a hidden cupboard is a good way of achieving this objective.

The shower area has generous proportions and is clad in a travertine tile which offers both luxury and comfort. There is underfloor heating and we also fitted low level LED mood lighting and spot lights in the ceiling. The lighting can be independently operated from the main switch. Note that the floor level is carefully planned and designed so that the water runs down to the lowest point where the drain is located. This prevents any unwanted puddles from occurring in other parts of the wet room.

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