Planning a bathroom

Chris Thompson – one of the Soak Bathroom Fitters

Chris Thompson, 43,  has been working in the field since he was 19-years-old.  He joked: “I can’t get out of it now, I know too much.”  The father-of-two specialises in bathroom installations and is not phased by the new trends and technology which he regularly faces.

He said: “I like a challenge. Nothing phases me. If something new comes on the market you just have to read the manual and once you have fitted a couple it becomes second nature. “I like doing bathrooms because I like seeing an end product. Everything you put into it you can see at the end that makes it very satisfying.”

Chris is one of our most popular Soak Bathroom engineers and he puts this down to his neat, tidy and friendly approach to the customers.  He added: “I try to strike up a good relationship with the customer, I like being out and about and meeting new people. It would drive me up the wall if I was stuck in an office. The one thing I can’t stand it mess. I have an apprentice and he knows I won’t leave a property unless everything is clean, tidy and put away.”

The experienced Soak Bathrooms engineer has seen it all in his 24 years working all over the country. He recalls one of the more unusual bathroom suites he has installed.    Chris said: “I once fitted a black bathroom suite, a totally black bath, toilet and basin with mirrors on every wall of the bathroom. That was one of the more unusual ones.”

“Now the most popular trend is to have the big wall and floor tiles. Usually the 600 mm x 300 mm tiles and most commonly in grey. If fitted with a white bath and spotlights the light bounces off the surfaces and gives a nice effect.”

Finally, we hit Chris with our quick fire questions:

Chris, what’s your favourite brew?
“Coffee, white no sugar.”

What’s your favourite biscuit?
“I like a plain Rich Tea.”

And what radio station do you listen to?
“I listen to Heart Radio. I like the radio on for company particularly when I am working on my own. It is on in the background but I can keep up with the news and listen to the varied music they play to keep me ticking along.”

If it’s Chris coming round to fit your new bathroom soon we hope you now know him a bit better.

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